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Buy to Let Property Market in the UK Thriving

April 30th, 2007

The buy to let property market in the UK is currently being fuelled by a number of increasingly affluent landlords in the belief that bricks and mortar will provide the best form of investment available. Recent research suggests that 1 million more individuals are set to purchase a buy to let property in the next four years and by the year 2011 the number of buy to let investors will have doubled.

Factors determining investment in buy to let property include worries about inadequate pensions, higher divorce and immigration rates and an ever increasing student population leading to a demand for rental properties.

Currently 1 in 10 mortgages granted in the UK is for buy to let investors with 58% having two or fewer properties. Obviously it will not have gone unnoticed amongst these investors that average rents have increased by 53% in England in the last decade.

Economists are predicting further interest rates being made by the Bank of England this year but at this time this is not slowing the appetite for the voracious UK buy to let investor.


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