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Eco-housing around the world

June 25th, 2007

Location, location, location goes the old adage when considering purchasing property. Of course this is one of the determinate factors in being able turn a profit from property. However, there is an increasing worldwide movement amongst property developers and individuals alike to produce energy efficient, carbon free homes. This can only be applauded and one should certainly add the environmental impact of your new property to the traditional factors when purchasing.

Around the world?

Certain countries are certainly taking the lead when it comes to environmentally friendly homes. There are prominent movements towards environmental matters when building property is concerned in most developed nations and encouragingly the promulgation of such developments are being entertained at local and national government level. Entirely carbon free housing is certainly in its infancy, certainly at a mass production level, but with continued public support fuelled by increasing media interest it is hoped that more developments will continue to crop up globally.

Carbon free in the UK

The UK is one country that is taking the lead with the introduction of eco-housing and the government can at least take some credit in this aspect with thier recent announcement of legislation that will dicatate all new housing will need to be carbon neutral by the year 2016. Whether this is a realistic target or the legislation will survive possible governmental shifts in focus and party politics is another matter, but it is certainly a worthwhile and enviable target.

To mark the new legislation, the first carbon neutral property development was unveiled by Sheppard Robson in conjunction with Arup and Kingspan Off-Site named “The Lighthouse”.

The Lighthouse

The property is a two bedroomed 2.5 storey dwelling which makes optimum use of natural light and sustainable energy technologies that not only help provide the carbon neutral status but also can help to lower heating costs.

The Lighthouse Facts


1. Wind catcher, for summer ventilation
2. Solar array at back of house for hot water and electricity
3. High-level of wall insulation
4. Biomass boiler


Sheppard Robson



Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood in New Zealand

The Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood is located in Waitakere City, Auckland, New Zealand and can claim to be the first develpment of environmentally friendly homes in the country.


There are still properties available in the development with technical specifications and pricing available.

Prefab House Design in the US

For sheer beauty as well as an environmentally friendly design, we would recommend you look at the LivingHomes site. Here is an example of the calibre of their design -

Living Home

Obviously the advantage of prefabricated design is the fact that you are not artifically constrained by the geographic location of the development. If you have the land, you can build, and have your bespoke designed property located where you wish (subject to planning permission).

The property is not cheap, but you would be buying a stylish and eco-friendly property.

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