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There are no restrictions on foreigners from buying property in Belgium and property prices are relatively cheap in the country when compared with the price of other western European nations such as the UK and Spain, however, property in Brussels is a notable exception.

Unfortunately, the relatively reasonable property pricing is negated when one considers the incredibly high expenses involved in buying a property in the country. If you intend to buy property in Belgium, you should expect to add a massive 17% on top of the total purchase price of the property simply for fees and taxes. Fees as high as these can have a direct impact on property investment potential, therefore, it is necessary that you are aware of these prior to entering into the market because once you place a deposit down on a property, you are liable for the full price of the property. There are no get out clauses in the pre-contract whatsoever.

Prices for property in Belgium are in the following ranges -

Typical family house - €200,000
Typical apartment - €69,000
Maison de Maitre or Townhouse - €150,000

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