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Estonia is the smallest and most northerly lying of all Baltic States. The country is bordered by Latvia and Russia to the West.

Estonia has a coastline that measures approximately 3,500 km and there are some 1,000 islands off the coast. A high proportion of the country consists of marshland and forestry and large numbers of tourists visit the western coast to view the unspoilt coastline and observe the local wildlife.

The capital city, Tallinn, is an extremely well preserved medieval city, which offers regular ferry, catamaran and hydrofoil transport to the Scandinavian countries to the West.

The Estonian economy is in good shape and in 2004 the economy grew by 6.2%. This has been partly due to accession into the EU and the investment of foreign capital into the country. Property prices in Tallinn have been rising by up to 15% on an annual basis since the country was admitted to the EU and this is predicted to continue due to the strong economy.

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