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Housing available for purchase is at a premium in Finland as the country has a cultural propensity towards renting rather than buying property. Also, most property, particularly in the cities consists of apartments and there are few freestanding houses.

Due to high rates of property occupancy, it can be difficult to locate quality housing for sale and relatively high agency fees in the country compound this problem. It is often best to attempt to forge a network of contacts or friends in the country that would be able to let you know as and when properties become available in your preferred location.

There are no current restrictions on foreigners investing in property in Finland and the day-to-day cost of living is comparable to that of a developed western European nation. However, the cost of luxury items can be high due to tax laws in the country.

If you were considering investing in property in Finland you could expect to buy property at the following approximate prices -

City studio apartment - €40,000
City two bed roomed apartment - €65,000
Small village property - €70,000
Larger family property - €115,000

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