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France is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations and it is easy to see why. The country offers beautiful landscapes and a wide variety of cultures and climates. You can ski at some of the most exclusive ski resorts on the French Alps or enjoy the sunshine in the south of France, the choice is yours.

Historically, France is a fascinating country and there are a number of relics to the previous monarchist regime in the form of grand palaces and numerous chateaux's are dotted throughout the French countryside.

Gastronomically the French are world renowned for their excellence in both food and wine production and French produce is second to none.

Cheap air travel has increased the interest in buying property in France as a number of low cost airlines now have routes going to the many of the provincial airports in France. This has contributed to an increase in property prices, but it is still possible to purchase a bargain property in France, particularly in the Brittany and Normandy regions.t

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