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german flag Germany


Population: 82,431,000


Capital: Berlin

Capital population:
Berlin - 3,471,418

GDP per capita:
$32,929.58 per capita

Austria 784 km
Belgium 167 km
Czech Republic 646 km
Denmark 68 km
France 451 km
Luxembourg 138 km
Netherlands 577 km
Poland 456 km
Switzerland 334 km

Currency: Euro

German (official)

German 91.5%
Turkish 2.4%
other 6.1% (including Greek, Italian, Polish, Russian, Serbo-Croatian and Spanish)

HDI (Human Development Index) rating: Germany = 20

(The HDI scale is used by the United Nations Development Programme to measure the average developments in a specific country based on three central tenets of human development.  There are: life expectancy at birth which can determine a long and healthy life; the average adult literacy rate (this amounts to a two-thirds ratio) combined with the enrolment of individuals in primary, secondary and higher education (this is a one-third weight); and the final aspect is the standard of living which is determined by the GDP (gross domestic product) of the country per capita at purchasing power parity.


map of germany

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