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Hungary is a landlocked nation with several borders. The country straddles both central and eastern Europe and has a rich and varied history. 

With the removal of the Soviet Communist regime during the 1980's came prosperity. Hungary was admitted to NATO in 1999 and joined the European Union in 2004. Since 1997, the Hungarian economy has seen a tremendous growth period with the Gross Domestic Product increasing by 5% per year until 2001 when there was a marked slow down. Analysts expect moderate growth rates in the economy in the next couple of years.

The country is known for a having a varied topography with rolling hills to the North and fertile agricultural ground within the Carpathian Basin.

Budapest is a sophisticated capital city known as the "Paris of central Europe" and although property investors have seen the potential in Budapest, there is still scope for a strong investment.

The Lake Balaton area is well known for its excellent water sports facilities and would make an excellent holiday home for water sports enthusiasts.

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