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Italy is one of the largest countries in the European Union and it is well regarded for its culture, breathtaking landscape and gastronomic excellence. When these factors are added to the favourable climactic conditions at either of the scale - for sun worshippers and skiers, it is not difficult to see why the country is so popular with individuals wishing to purchase property.

The country is centrally located in Europe and it is well connected via an excellent airport network, also there are no restrictions towards foreigners purchasing property in the region.

The main obstacle towards owning an Italian property will likely be price. The established regions such as Tuscany and some of the lakes like Como and Maggiore are almost prohibitively expensive to all but the rich and famous, however, if you are prepared to look slightly further afield, you will be able to purchase a property with most of the charm of the most popular areas for a fraction of the price.

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