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For its cosmopolitan lifestyle Amsterdam is known throughout the world and as such it is an in-demand European capital city. Furthermore, the city has a strong student population, along with the cities of Groningen, Utrecht, Delft and Leiden. There is a distinct lack of large student accommodation and with the student population rising on an annual basis, investing in student housing in university towns would be a strong investment which will likely bring good rental income.

In terms of rental potential, property investors have targeted the area of Amstelveen, just south of Amsterdam. The area generally contains large housing of a good standard and there are close links to Schipol airport and Masterdam town centre. Also it is close to Randstad, which is a large and popular conurbation that is within the commuter belt of Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Northern Holland is more rural than the industrialised western side of the country and there are a number of quaint farmhouses for sale in the area. Dutch retirees wanting a different pace of life are currently picking these up.

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