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Warsaw is the thriving capital city centrally located in Poland. The city contains a number of historic theatres, palaces and museums as well as a strong selection of modern shops.

Areas of Warsaw that are considered to be strong candidates for property investment are Bialolek, and Ursynow. The city has its own international airport and several train stations.

In 2005, prices of residential property rose by 25% and analysts believe that this will continue. You could expect to purchase a two bed roomed apartment in the city for 100,000.


Krakow is Poland's second largest city and lies towards the southern border of the country. The city used to be Polands royal capital for some 500 years and as such it has a colourful history. Krakow contains approximately 2 million works of art and the medieval city centre is considered a World Heritage site. Like Warsaw, Krakow has an international airport and the city is attracting tourists in droves.

Residential property has increased in value by up to 30% in the last year; however, the overall price is still 60% less than the price of comparative property in Warsaw. Areas that are popular in Krakow with investors are the old town and Kazimierz.

Rental income is strong all year round (driven by tourists) and peaks towards the Christmas and summer months when there is often a lack of accommodation available.


Gdansk is located on Poland's northern coast and is the largest city on the northern coast. The city was almost annihilated during the war years, so there are fewer historical buildings in the city than in other Polish cities; however, Gdansk has been moulded in recent years into one of Poland's key commercial centres.

When Poland was admitted into the EU in 2004, property prices in Gdansk grew at an incredible pace, but supply has now levelled with demand and this has meant that prices have stabilised in the market.

The rental market is strong in Gdansk. Increasing tourist visitors buoys this and the strong economic ties of the city attracts large numbers of business people requiring short term property rentals.

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