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Slovakia split from the Czech Republic in 1993 and was admitted into the European Union in May 2004. The country sits in the centre of Europe and shares borders with Poland, Hungary, Ukraine and Austria.

The country has a varied landscape with the large Tatras Mountain range to the north of the country, which contains mountains of a similar scale to those in the Alps; to the flat land basin east of the country. Slovakia contains a varied wildlife including bears, wolves, lynx and otters.

The current government regime has much to be proud of in terms of their efforts to overhaul the countries' economy. They can be credited with improving the tax regime, the healthcare pension systems as well as increasing public spending. This has helped contribute to Slovakia having the fastest growing economy in Europe.

The cost of living in the country is substantially lower than in Western Europe as is the price of property. Bratislava is a particular favourite target for overseas property investors. The favourable pricing and the close proximity to Vienna are positive points in favour of Bratislava and the addition of political and economic stability makes investing in property in Slovakia to be a particularly appealing proposition.

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