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Bratislava is Slovakia's capital city, administrative centre, and also the main driver of the property investment boom in the country. Prices in the capital have risen by 20% and this rise is set to continue due to the perceived notion that property in Bratislava is undervalued at this time.

The main areas of investment are new build flats in the city and this is helping to drive up rental prices.

Bratislava is well located on the River Danube and the old town is filled with character properties including Baroque palaces and museums.

Tatras Mountains

The Tatras Mountains is the largest tourist attraction located in Slovakia and it is believed that the area will become even more popular due to the excellent skiing available. The High Tatras offer some of the most picturesque hiking country in the whole of Europe, whilst the Low Tatras offers a more serene, quieter experience.

The southern valley is filled with large numbers of small villages, many with populations fewer than 100 people, whilst further north you will find the Tatra National Park, which offers Strbske Pleso - the highest mountain resort.

The property market in the area is buoyed by the tourist industry and it is possible to pick up a flat in the region for approximately 15,000. The rental market is also strong with hikers wishing to rent during the summer months and skiers seeking accommodation during the winter months.

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