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Slovenia is a central European country that borders Austria, Croatia, Italy and Hungary and at one end of the country stands the Alps, with the Mediterranean at the other. The country was admitted into the European Union in May 2004 and the population lies at just over 2 million inhabitants with approximately 15% residing in the capital Ljubljana.

The area is popular with overseas property investors due to a number of factors. These include; the central location of the country which affords the opportunity to explore neighbouring countries such as Italy and Austria, the outstanding natural beauty of the country, the influx of tourists and the liberalisation of the property market. Previously the property market was limited to Slovene nationals, but since admission into the EU, this regulation was lifted so that any foreign national can freely buy property in the country.

Slovenia is a country where east meets west and there are so many contrasting areas of interest. If you enjoy the outdoor life, Slovenia is difficult to beat.

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