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slovenian flag Slovenia


Population: 2,011,000


Capital: Ljubljana

Capital population: Ljubljana - 330,000

GDP per capita:
$16,002.98 per capita

Austria 330 km
Croatia 670 km
Italy 232 km
Hungary 102 km


Slovenian 91.1%
Serbo-Croatian 4.5%
other 4.4%

Slovene 83.1%
Serb 2%
Croat 1.8%
Bosniak 1.1%
other 12%

HDI (Human Development Index) rating: Slovenia = 26

(The HDI scale measures the average developments in a specific country based on three central tenets of human development.  There are:
life expectancy at birth which can determine a long and healthy life; the average adult literacy rate (this amounts to a two-thirds ratio) combined with the enrolment of individuals in primary, secondary and higher education (this is a one-third weight); and the final aspect is the standard of living which is determined by the GDP (gross domestic product) of the country per capita at purchasing power parity).


map of slovenia

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